Andy Roberts – Sr. Technology Partner
Andy Roberts is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of building a successful internet marketing company. As Director of Development at The Selling Source during its rise to a $100M+ business he was instrumental in the success of the landing page management, lead brokering and distribution systems as well as the eCash loan management platform.

Andy’s current projects include building a disruptive force in the publishing industry at At we’re forging a new way to develop, publish and market books (ebooks and otherwise) that is better for everyone.

He has worked as Lead Developer, Architect or Product Management at IBM,, The American Cancer Society, CarsDirect, Nissan USA, ShopNBA, and

It has been said he spends time at the intersection of the social web and the publishing industry; lightweight content management systems; as well as advanced techniques in monetizing video content, especially short films.

As a way to give back to the open source community, he has sponsored several WordCamp conferences and is active in local technology meetups.

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