Everyone ultimately stages some sort of event or meeting – from small gatherings to major conventions. Creating the desired results is not always easy.

Roberts Strategies have been planning, preparing, and executing successful events and meetings for years. We start with the planning, assembling hotel choices for clients, or, if necessary, finding the best city for an event. We are particularly skilled in negotiating the best deal for our clients.

If we are then needed to manage the meeting or event, we’ve developed methods and practices that help ensure that your event or meeting will go as planned. We wrote the book on it, and that is one of the reasons we are so successful at what we do. Over the years, we’ve developed critical keys to successfully executing events or meetings, and we never stray from those crucial details. Every one of our team members works by the book, looking for areas where planning is critical, or where there can be a major breakdown in an event or meeting. We know what to look for because we have the checklist already defined so that nothing falls through the cracks.

We have experts on our team who have done it all. From menu and beverage selection to transportation to themes to recreation to speakers to video presentations to security to site selection, we have experts who make sure no details are left out.

If you want smooth sailing for your event or meeting, no matter what the size, we wrote the book on making it a reality. We’ve run the entire 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, the only financially successful World’s Fair in the U.S. for four decades. We’ve worked with the United Nations, setting up and conducting the first meeting that organization ever held outside New York City. We’ve been consultants to the Miss Universe pageant. We even helped put together Michael Jackson’s famous Victory! Tour. And we’ve put together a day of fun filled with gags and pie tosses for 120 clown apprentices.

There aren’t any magic formulas, just experience, quality planning, and attention to detail. We know how to do it. Give us a try and see if we don’t improve quality and save you money.

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