Best EV incentive Free “Gas” for three years!

Let’s give free charging to all who make and EV purchase over the next decade. As a country we’re looking for ways to incentivize the purchase of clean vehicles. We have tax incentives on new car purchases and various other perks. One sales tactic I’ve seen in the past is a local dealer giving free gas for a year. Or two. People love this as it allows the vehicle to become a fixed cost with the monthly payment as the only outlay each month.

The math works, too. Tesla famously did this in the early years of the company and is only now phasing out the free supercharging for new cars.

If we gave 3 years of free charging for EV purchases, new or old it will net out cheaper than the current $7,500 tax incentive. EVs at 15,000 miles per year average $1,500 per year in charging cost. That would cost the government only $4,500 spread out over 3 years. Consumers would have an immediate and lasting benefit to change over to electric. Charge network operators would have additional incentive to build out their network.

I see it as a win-win-win.

Andy Roberts from is a guest author.
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