Andy Roberts is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of building a successful internet marketing company. As Director of Development at The Selling Source during its rise to a $100M+ business he was instrumental in the success of the company that excels at landing page management, lead brokering and distribution systems as well as the offering the premier loan management platform.

The best way to spur EV adoption and why it will never happen

One great way to spur EV adoption doesn’t involve giveaways or financial incentives, but will never happen in the US. It’s easy and could be implemented in months. Create an EV Autobahn Imagine if EVs had a different speed limit than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. It is a known fact that ICE vehicles pollute less over the same distance

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Tech Talk: Improving web performance

Google now uses page load times as a key metric in site result placement. Make your site load faster and you’ll be ranked higher, guaranteed. – Andy Roberts, Managing Partner, Roberts Strategies Andy Roberts, managing partner, recently spoke to the Topanga, CA Technology Group on improving web performance. He showed how a few changes in configuration on the right platform

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