The best way to spur EV adoption and why it will never happen

One great way to spur EV adoption doesn’t involve giveaways or financial incentives, but will never happen in the US. It’s easy and could be implemented in months.

Create an EV Autobahn

Imagine if EVs had a different speed limit than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. It is a known fact that ICE vehicles pollute less over the same distance when they are driven slower. EVs are also newer and in general have more safety equipment and more mitigation systems. Give EVs an 80 mph speed limit on freeways and reduce gasoline and diesel vehicles speed limit to 55 mph.

We already have lower speed limits on heavy vehicles many places in the country (you’ve seen the TRUCKS 55 MPH signs), so the legal framework is already in place for safety. Why not do something similar for the environment? It’s easy. It’s cheap. And it will never happen.

Why not? Imagine the pushback on the legislators who pass a bill like this? I could see this becoming a law in a European country. I can’t see politicians in the US signing on for something like this.

Ahead of my time

Not now. Maybe in 10 years once the majority of Americans have electric vehicles.

We could save literally tons of emissions by making this simple change. Check back in 10 years and let’s do this!

Andy Roberts from is a guest author.
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