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Clowns and Jokers Squeezing the Middle Ground

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right Here I am, stuck in the middle with you   The chorus from the 1972 Stealers Wheel hit, co-written by Joe Egan and the late Gerry Rafferty, keeps echoing in my head as I’ve observed the frightening, politically divisive landscape which has erupted in Washington […]

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Seatbelt program spreads a good idea statewide

“Give me a Big O,” the team of energetic fifth-grade cheerleaders shouted out. “O” was the resounding answer from more than 1,000 first, second and third-graders at a Tennessee elementary school recently. The cheerleaders and their enthusiastic responders continued to spell out: “O-L-L-I-E,” until they reached the finale: “What have you got?” “OLLIE, OLLIE!” the […]

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Possible Way to Stop the English Only Madness

During the current session of the state legislature, I have found it embarrassing to watch the asinine attempts of a dozen lawmakers as they have worked, once more, to sully the reputation of the Volunteer State. I am referring to the proposed driver’s license tests in English-only legislation (SB0063/HB0262). This bill is not only insulting, […]

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Correct choice, right time

The proverbial statement from the Book of Ecclesiastes,” To everything there is a season,” always circles back to remind us of its wisdom. Such is the case with the recent action taken by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR). Last month, the TBR tapped John Morgan, the state’s current deputy governor, as chancellor of the […]

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Maybe a Tennessee“Color Purple” Coalition?

When almost 30 Nashvillians  gathered at our house last month, we had at least three things in common: +We were all supporters of President-elect Barack Obama, +Not one of us was a Davidson County native, +We each hoped for an inclusive administration seeking bi-partisan solutions to the monumental challenges now facing America. As one of […]

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Nashville Eye Higher Ed Feels Hit

When does enough finally become too much? Tennessee may be reaching that point in one significantly critical area as the state budget belt tightens in response to an economic downturn.  That area: Higher education. As one who has been privileged to work in higher education (University of Tennessee) and to consult with the nation’s sixth […]

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Beware of what you ask for; Tweak don’t revise transfer of governor’s powers

“In its wisdom, the General Assembly….”  Is a sentiment that could be an oxymoron to some. However, over the long haul it usually applies. The discussions of changing Tennessee’s constitution to address the transfer of powers should a governor become unable to perform his/her duties has led, in my mind, to a “rush to elect” […]

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The Gold Rules, Voters Pay

It’s not exactly true that “every Tom, Dick and Harry” is running for president, but it seems like it.  There are, so far, at least two Toms, two Johns, a Sam, a Joe and a Mike.  They are joined by Dennis, Duncan, Barack, Rudy, Mitt and Hillary.  Who knows who else might surface (a Newt? […]

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C’mon teachers, get real

It’s easy to get “furiouser and furiouser” watching educated people kicking, not just looking, a gift horse in the mouth. I don’t know who volunteered to anonymously donate $400,000 for incentives to help in producing better results in some of Metro’s most troubled schools, I know that they must be a generous and dedicated citizen.  […]

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Lightening Never Struck

I left the early-voting location with trepidation. Surprisingly, lightening didn’t strike. I thought immediately of my deceased mother, hopeful that she wasn’t watching from above.  My just-completed, totally unprecedented action would really disturb her:  I had just voted in a Republican primary! As a life-long Democrat, I confess to voting on rare occasions for a […]

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